Thursday, April 4, 2013

look for: Pink (Victoria Secret) body spray, Skinny Love by Birdy, new spring Essie nail colors, PassionTeaLemonade from Starbucks, tank tops and cardigans with skirts, Pretty Little Liars, neon sandals, and single charm necklaces 

Sunday, February 24, 2013

miami and photo shoots/ what i like

First off, just saying, I hope you guys like the new design.

Here are some weird/cool/futuristic/ thought-provoking photos from my trip to Miami this past weekend. I got the red nose phone case below...

Yummyy, we ate at Casa Tua ^^^
 Below is a video of a performance/show/ dance that we saw driving down the street
And now the photoshoot. I've had a weird obsession for photographing hands lately, so... 

And now here are some new products that I like:
1. Naughty and Nice Body Lotion
2. Face Masks (you can get them anywhere, Kmart, Duane Reade, Walgreens)
3. TreSemme Dry Shampoo
4. Baby Lips
5. Smashbox Neutral Eyeshadow Palette 

Friday, February 15, 2013

Random #1

Well Valentines Day was yesterday... Mine consisted of candy and lots of little presents, and watching Glee.
"All you need is love. But a little chocolate now and then doesn't hurt." -Charles M. Schulz
so, lately I've been waiting for the cold to turn to a nice temperature but it hasn't so instead, tomorrow, I fly to Miami where I'll completely relax for the long weekend and take manymanymanymany pictures. On the other hand, here are some other things that have resulted this week:

I went to an Ojon fashion week installation for fashion week at Milk studios where they did my hair in a cute little braidy thing (which I could never do on my own) and just the decorations in general were really home-y and warm. 

Also, my friend and I went to a fashion week screening of a new Romeo and Juliet. Considering I had never actually seen the end of any of them, it was pretty depressing but AMAZING. The one with Leonardo DiCaprio in it is definitely the best one because it's so modern and I like how it takes place in 'Verona Beach'.

Finally, we New-Yorkers got a little (well maybe more) snow! As you can see these were taken from the roof of a building considering going in the snow on the street gets a little gross (yellow, black, and green snow can be found). 

Another thing that has been everywhere lately is the HARLEM SHAKE (it deserved to be in caps) which many schools, including my own, have been doing. Here is a video of another school doing it:
Things to look for in the future: leggings + target + more macbarbie07 videos (watch them if you haven't already) 

Thursday, January 31, 2013

gossip girl/macbarbie07

Over the past few weeks my life has consisted of outdoorsy pics and redecorating my room/discovering new obsessions/having photo shoots. The photo shoot was in my basement (it looked really cool against the brick wall)and after raiding all the closets, we found outfits and used the timer on my phone to take the pics! Some other obsessions of mine are: Gossip Girl (it's on Netflix) and macbarbie07 on youtube. She has a bunch of really cool style videos and the makeovers are definitely entertaining. The video below is one of her makeovers but there are plenty of other videos to watch/entertain you/procrastinate on doing homework. Well, now, I'm off to study for my science exam and then the weekend!
I also just realized that my blog's anniversary was three days ago YIPEEE!! 

<<me attempting to be gossip girl>>